Madonna del Sasso. Sanctuary

Pubblicato : Mercredi, 29 novembre, 2023 - 20:09


If you are looking for a breathtaking view, encompassing the entire Lake Orta, you should not miss what is known as 'the balcony of Cusio'. In fact, this beautiful sanctuary is located right at the top of a sheer cliff, at a frightening height, which affords views of the lake and the Alps framing it that are difficult to repeat. A visit is recommended not only for this belvedere, but also for the religious complex of the Sanctuary, a remarkable 18th-century work in the Greek cross style of Baroque.


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Pella. Lakeside

Pubblicato : Mercredi, 29 novembre, 2023 - 18:12


Far from the tourist crowds and mass tourism typical of its more famous neighbour Orta San Giulio, Pella boasts as its jewel its lakeside promenade. A wide, sun-drenched promenade, directly on the lake, enjoying a splendid view of Orta San Giulio and its island, which stand right in front of it. Note, almost at the end of the walk, a well-preserved tower. On the other hand, for those wishing to visit Orta, many frequent ferries reach it from here in just a few minutes.


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Orta San Giulio. Legro

Pubblicato : Mercredi, 29 novembre, 2023 - 16:20


If you are visiting our beautiful lakes but are looking for something truly alternative, you cannot miss Legro, a small hamlet of Orta. Since 1998, in fact, it has become an interesting tourist destination thanks to the beautiful frescoes that colour its historic centre. Free interpretations of the works of the local poet Gianni Rodari and of films shot on the shores of Lake Orta constitute the inspirational themes of the 'murals' that illuminate the walls of the houses in the small centre.


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Orta San Giulio. Palazzo Bossi

Pubblicato : Mardi, 28 novembre, 2023 - 18:43


Now the Town Hall of Orta, this building stands in the heart of the town, on the site of a medieval pre-existence. In the second half of the 18th century, the old house was extended towards the lake, assuming the characteristic L-shaped plan, with an arm along the main street and an inner arm that pushes towards the lake. Closing this garden directly on the lake is a bronze sculpture of a painter immortalising the island in his canvas.


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Orta San Giulio. Sacro Monte

Pubblicato : Mardi, 28 novembre, 2023 - 13:40


Situated in a panoramic position on the summit of a promontory overlooking the lake, this Sacro Monte is dedicated to the life and miracles of St Francis of Assisi. Consisting of 20 chapels, it was built in three distinct periods, between 1590 and 1788, on the drive of the Counter-Reformation, to counter the Lutheran presence. This Sacro Monte, together with 8 others scattered between Piedmont and pre-alpine Lombardy, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003.


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Orta San Giulio. Ascent to the Motta

Pubblicato : Mardi, 28 novembre, 2023 - 12:38


This short cobbled street is one of Orta's most atmospheric streets. In the few metres that make it up, starting from its departure in Piazza Motta, it boasts at its top the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose present form seems to date back to the 14th century. Moreover, some of the town's most beautiful and historic buildings stand along this street: Palazzo Gemelli, the House of the Dwarfs and Palazzo Penotti Ubertini frame the descent from the church down to the lake.


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Orta San Giulio. Community Hall

Pubblicato : Lundi, 27 novembre, 2023 - 18:15


Built in 1585, it was the place and symbol of the long self-government that Orta enjoyed. It was here that the General Council exercised its legislative and executive power. The large portico at street level is connected by an external staircase to the one large hall on the first floor. The outer walls are decorated with the coats of arms of some of the bishops of Novara who succeeded each other in governing the region, as well as the symbol of Orta accompanied by the inscription 'Ortus Conclusus'.


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Orta San Giulio. Piazza Motta

Pubblicato : Lundi, 27 novembre, 2023 - 16:05


The pulsating centre of Orta's life, it is a veritable open-air lounge overlooking the lake. The rectangular square is bordered on its longest sides, on one side by a series of colourful period façades and, on the other, by the shore of the lake itself, the mooring point for ferries to the island. It is very pleasant to enjoy the view of the lake and surrounding mountains, with the island towering in the foreground, comfortably seated on benches sheltered by the shade of large trees. In the northern corner stands the Community Palace, a beautiful 16th-century broletto.


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