Lago di Mergozzo


Mergozzo boasts one of the most beautiful lakeside villages of the territory of Lake Maggiore. Overlooking the shores of the lake, separate from Lake Maggiore as a result of the continuous floods Toce, this charming lakeside town is a coveted holiday destination as early as the spring season.

The village, with its narrow lanes formed by stone houses leaning against each other, leading to the central square of the country dominated by centuries-old elm tree: according to historical documents, the plant was located in the square in Mergozzo already 400 years ago; now completely hollow, he has been awarded the title of monumental tree of Piedmont.

Mergozzo is a land of ancient settlements, as evidenced by the rich collection of the Antiquarium museum, which displays materials related to prehistory and the Bronze Age, but also the ancient instruments used for the excavation and processing of granite of Montorfano and the Candoglia's marble.

In locations Groppole there is also an important megalithic complex with two cups and a snake-shaped groove. Slightly elliptical shape, bounded by stone walls and covered by a large boulder of gneiss, this property is known as Ca 'd'la Norma and it is traced to the age of Copper and Bronze. The careful arrangement of the support blocks, the large courtyard and the petroglyphs on the outer surface of the cover lead one to think of a megalithic burial designed by a community of people by now organized.

Starting from Mergozzo you can make several hiking trails in the nature, like the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail), which leads to the village of Montorfano along a trail that runs along the lake. The Mergozzo beaches are very popular with tourists and locals and are very well equipped with beach volleyball courts, playground and bars.

Do not miss the delicious Fugascine, typical dessert of Mergozzo, which you can buy at every bakery in the town.


lago di mergozzo